We people have always been sensible and cautious when it comes to spending our money. It has been proven that we do a lot of research before purchasing any expensive electronic items and ensure that we get the best available in the market. When we buy for example a TV or a refrigerator with a high-end model then it becomes important to look for its warranty period. 

There we see that the brand manufacturer does not provide that much warranty period which you are looking for and because your purchased appliance is very expensive there is a need to take an extended warranty for refrigerator or TV. By opting for this service, you tend to secure your electronic items for a long period as it gives an additional warranty on brand manufacturer warranty for at least three to five years.

Why Extended Warranty Service is needed

#Cost-Benefit Analysis –

It is an effective way of making decisions on whether to buy an extended warranty or not. A general view is that if your electronic product is more expensive then it is better to opt for an extended warranty for your electronic appliance. It should depend on the amount you had spent while purchasing your appliance whether it be a TV or refrigerator. For example, if you have purchased a high-end model Refrigerator then you should go for an extended warranty for the Refrigerator.

Because it is a fact that in case of any damage or breakage to your high-end model refrigerator it will cost you more than the amount you would have spent on an affordable one while repairing it. Similarly, if you buy LED smart TV then you can go for extended warranty for TV or premium laptop if you buy extended warranty for laptop as it would make more sense to go for extended warranty service for your expensively bought electronic items. A cheap one.

You can protect your appliances from any kind of damage with extended warranty plans as buying a TV, refrigerator, laptop or washing machine are considered a long-term investment and because they are of premium brands as well as very expensive. So, it will be better if you go with an extended warranty service.

#New or Refurbished Model –

If you have purchased a new expensive model TV or refrigerator or any other appliance then it will make good sense if you opt for extended warranty service plans. But at the same time if your purchased electronic is of the refurbished model then you should avoid taking this plan. As the amount you will pay as the premium of the extended warranty plan for your refurbished item is more than the cost which you will require to pay when your refurbished model TV or refrigerator needs any repair. So, this analysis will also help you whether to go for an extended warranty service or not.

Conclusion –

As per the study, people who have opted for extended warranty service are more satisfied than those who have not done so. Hence, it is advised that if you are planning to buy a high-end model TV then it would be good to go with an extended warranty for TVs at the time of purchase or within six months from the date of purchase.