An extended promise is a fixed-price insurance approach that goes beyond the manufacturer’s warranty. Most appliances, including televisions, come with these policies and might offer an extended warranty on TV. If your expensive appliance breaks or malfunctions, an LED TV warranty will provide financial protection you and prevent burning your pocket. 

What does an extended TV warranty cover?

An extended warranty for a TV provides benefits like a free replacement, no or low-cost repairs, preventative maintenance, recalibration, wire troubleshooting, power-surge protection, and so on. Many such policies also come with in-home service or pickup for defective products so that you don’t have to carry your expensive appliances to the service center or back to the store. 

A worthwhile extended warranty for TV acts as a bumper-to-bumper warranty. From internal to external components, it will cover all the necessary aspects. This way, you don’t have to invest too much in your extended warranty and still gain all the coverage. However, you need to read the terms and conditions of the plan before investing your bucks in it. 

Where can I buy an LED TV warranty?

When you buy your new device, it already comes with the manufacturer’s warranty, which is good enough for the specified tenure. So, advisably, there is no need to invest your money during that time. However, you must look for an extended warranty for TV service providers before your manufacturer’s warranty expires. 

Start searching on the internet for some sort of TV plan. The store that sold you the TV can primarily help you with an LED TV warranty. If you refuse to buy it at that time, you can even avail of it afterward. Then there is the option of exploring service providers on the web, connecting with them, reading their terms and conditions policy, checking their ratings on Better Business Bureau and other review sites, and then deciding which one to buy. 

However, when purchasing the appliance, you must check the time limit available to buy the extended warranty and mobile phone insurance for futire safe. This could range from 9 months to the time your manufacturer’s warranty lasts. 

When to buy a TV extended warranty?

Only you know when you buy the extra coverage; however, here are some points you must consider:

  • Value of the TV when you purchased it
  • The price plan for the LED TV warranty
  • The duration of the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Length of the additional policy and data coverage 

Most manufacturer warranties cover specific parts and labor for one year of the purchase date. So, you must first analyze how long you are covered before deciding upon an extended plan. The coverage usually begins on the date of purchase. If you buy the extended warranty at that time, you will have two warranties, including the manufacturer’s warranty. 

However, keep in mind that an extended warranty for TV is more customer-focused than the manufacturer’s plan. They tend to cover more used cars and provide you with the sense of security and peace of mind you need.